Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register for the conference?

Once a proposal has been accepted and a speaker agreement form has been signed, all presenters are required to register and pay the conference registration fee. However, conference payment can be processed after you register. Neither honoraria nor expenses are paid to presenters.

How do I let someone know details for my presentation have changed?

Contact Lee Anna Elmore at 480.705.8200, ext. 234, at your earliest convenience.

How will the meeting room be set up for my presentation?

Concurrent Sessions are set theater style with a head table and chairs at the front of the room and are intended for an audience of approximately 50-100 people. Poster Session presentations take the form of an exhibit and are delivered primarily through the use of graphs, diagrams, pictures, data, and narrative text on bulletin boards. Conference participants are free to move from one display to another. Roundtable Discussions are designed for less than 12 participants, but participation can exceed 20 or more individuals. Numerous Roundtable Discussions take place simultaneously in the same ballroom. Visit Session Descriptions for additional information.

Where can presenters mail their handouts or other items needed for the conference?

Handouts or other items can be shipped to the hotel using the following format:

Attn: Presenter Name
Arrival Date
Hyatt Regency Denver
650 15th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Can I schedule a rehearsal prior to my session?

Presenters will not have the opportunity to schedule an onsite rehearsal. Rehearse your presentation in advance of arriving onsite. A dry run of your presentation to knowledgeable individuals is the most successful method of preparation.

How many participants will attend my session?

How many participants attend any particular session depends largely on the interest in that particular session, the presenter's name recognition, and how many and what other sessions are available in the same time slot. Concurrent Sessions are intended for an audience of 50 to 75 people, but the actual number of participants can range from a small handful to 75. Roundtable Discussions are aimed at audiences of 10 to 12, but can range from 2 to 20. Traffic will vary during Poster Sessions since participants are free to move from one presentation to another at their own pace.

What should I do first upon arriving onsite?

  • Pick up your registration materials at the Conference Registration Desk.
  • Meet in advance of your presentation with your co-presenters to discuss logistics such as introductions, speaking order, and allotted time for question and answers.
  • Visit the room in which your presentation will be held prior to the session.
  • Session materials will be posted on the conference website after STEMtech 2014 for presenters who provide their media files, which is entirely optional. Presenters who want their files posted online should upload them. Files will be posted exactly as they are received.

What should I do if I have a problem during my presentation?

If you experience AV or other difficulties during your presentation, contact a member of the Technical/AV Support Team or Speaker Support Team for assistance.

Will my session be evaluated?

Yes. Please encourage participants in your sessions to fill out the online evaluation form at their earliest convenience (a link will be provided in the Conference Program). Soon after the conclusion of the conference, presenters will receive a report summarizing the results of participant evaluations.

Who can I contact for additional presenter information?

Contact Lee Anna Elmore at 480.705.8200, ext. 234.


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