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Learning Analytics
Innovative models and strategies for creating an institutional culture around the utility and application of learner analytics - data-informed discussions designed to catalyze effective communication among various student, faculty, and other stakeholder populations - creating a seamless mix of interventions that support student success.

Advanced Technology Systems and Learning Management Architecture
Models and practices in advanced technology, learning management architecture, telecommunications disciplines, and related workforce development and career pathways, as well as innovative means for developing, funding, staffing, implementing, securing, and evaluating technology infrastructures.

Using Analytics to Recruit, Retain, and Transition Students
Realignment of resources and student pathways to improve student persistence, retention, success, and completion; and innovative and institutional strategies for encouraging students to pursue baccalaureate programs and careers.

Advances in E-Learning
Creative models for using technology to provide instruction, instructional resources, library resources, student services, and professional development resources and activities.

Health and Science
Innovative practices and models in health and science disciplines and related workforce development and career pathways, including new opportunities for community colleges in areas such as public health education.

Mathematics, Engineering, and Architecture
Innovative models in mathematics, engineering, and architecture and related workforce development and career pathways.

Manufacturing, Energy, Aerospace, and Agriculture
Workforce development and career pathway models and practices in areas including manufacturing, industry, agriculture, aerospace, energy, environment, sustainability, and related disciplines, as well as institutional efforts toward energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, and environmental sustainability.

Integration of STEM and the Liberal Arts
Effective methods and techniques for integrating STEM fields with humanities and liberal, fine, language, and physical arts; and research into the impact of interdisciplinary approaches to STEM education.



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