John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards Process

Recipient Selection Criteria and Submission Procedures

Selection Criteria:

Each League Alliance college or system determines its own eligibility criteria, procedures, and selection protocol for the Excellence Awards. Only faculty, staff, and administrators at League Alliance member institutions are eligible. Upon verification by the president’s office at each college, individuals whose names are submitted by the deadline will be recognized as John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards recipients. Please check with the president’s office to find out what the selection process is for your college or system, and to find out if nominations have already taken place.

Submission Procedures:

League colleges must submit the name(s) of their chosen Excellence Awards recipient(s) through our online submission system. As the recipient information is received in the League office, confirmation emails will be sent to the designated contact person and college president. If the college contact does not receive notification from our office, please follow up with Sherry Sklar to be sure that the names were successfully submitted.

Attention districts/systems and colleges with multiple campuses:
If you do not see your individual college/campus in the dropdown list on the submission form, please contact your district/system/college president/or chancellor to find out the selection and submission protocol for your institution.

The deadline to submit recipient names for the 2015 John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards is December 24, 2015. Click here to submit names using our online submission system.

Sample Selection Procedures

  • Select a dedicated Excellence Awards contact for the college or system. This individual will complete the online submission form and serve as the primary contact for League communications.
  • Ask the head of each division or department to submit a nomination to the primary contact and/or the president’s office.
  • Ask faculty members to select outstanding faculty and staff for nomination.
  • Create a selection committee to determine the college or system’s nomination guidelines, criteria rubric, etc.
  • Take student evaluations, promotion criteria, college involvement, and other faculty accomplishments into consideration when determining criteria.
  • Request that each nominee submit a statement or questionnaire for consideration by the selection committee.


Upon verification from the President’s office, each honoree will receive a congratulatory email with instructions for submitting a personal statement, photo, and video (All items are optional. See section below for more details). They will also receive a commemorative John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards medallion and certificate. Additionally, all Excellence Awards recipients are invited to attend the next Innovations conference, at which special events are planned to celebrate their accomplishment. Recipients who attend Innovations will receive their medallion when they check in at registration, and are encouraged to wear it throughout the conference.

Please note: Attendance at Innovations is optional, and is not required to receive this award. Excellence Awards event participation at the Innovations conference is celebratory; the League does not provide an honorarium, travel expenses, or compensation for conference registration. Those who do not attend will receive their medallion post conference. All recipients will receive their certificate after the conference.

Click here to find out more details about how the Excellence Awards recipients will be recognized and celebrated.

Recipient Photos, Statements, and Videos

Once recipients have been notified of their award, we invite them to submit a short personal statement about what motivates and inspires them to strive for excellence, and/or their feelings about receiving this award. Along with this statement, we request a color digital (jpg or gif) photo of themselves, either alone, working one-on-one with a student or small group of students. Click here to review the photo and statement submission guidelines.

Recipients are also invited to submit a short video statement (one minute maximum) describing their teaching experiences and what this award means to them. Click here to review the photo and statement submission guidelines. Those who do not submit a video with their photo and statement will have the opportunity to record a brief video on site at the Innovations conference, to be used in a video montage during the John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards Celebration and Closing Session.

Additionally, a selection of recipient photos, statements, and videos will be displayed at Innovations conference events, including the Sunday Awards Reception and Wednesday Awards Ceremony. Click here to find out more about Excellence Awards events at Innovations 2016.

The deadline to submit recipient photos, statements, and video links is February 12, 2016. Instructions for submitting these materials will be included in email notices to Excellence Awards recipients.

Click here to review the photos, statements, and videos submission guidelines.

Congratulatory Ads

Participating colleges and systems are encouraged to submit an ad for the first annual John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards program. The purpose of the ads is to highlight and congratulate Excellence Awards recipients, and promote exceptional faculty and staff at member colleges. Submissions may include photos of recipients and/or a special congratulatory message.

The deadline to submit congratulatory ads is January 15, 2016. Click here to submit your ad using our online submission system.

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