John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards Recipient Upload Guidelines

STATEMENT: Deadline February 12, 2018

In a short personal statement, we want to know what inspires and motivates you in your work; what strategies help drive your success; and/or what words of wisdom you might pass on to others (max 500 characters, including spaces). Selected statements are displayed on the League’s website and on video screens stationed throughout the convention center during the League's Innovations conference. The League reserves the right to edit all statements.

Submission Instructions

Submit your personal statement information through the link provided to you in your congratulatory “Recipient Information” email.

PHOTO: Deadline February 12, 2018

We would prefer a photo of you working with students; however, headshots are also acceptable. All photos are displayed on the League's website and on various presentation screens during the League's Innovations Conference.

Submission Instructions

Upload one recipient photo through the link provided in the congratulatory email. We request a color digital (jpg or gif) photo of the recipient either alone, working one-on-one with a student, or with a small group of students.

Note: John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards recipients are not required to submit a statement and/or photo. The statement and photo materials are optional.

VIDEO: Deadline February 12, 2018

Click on the following links to see examples of previous recipient videos.

We encourage Excellence Awards recipients to submit a short video statement to the League, describing their teaching experiences and what this award means to them. Several videos will be selected and featured during the general sessions at the Innovations conference. All uploaded videos will also be featured on the League’s website.

Submission Instructions

Videos should be no more than one minute in length. Upload your videos to YouTube (you or your college will need to have a YouTube account), using your first and last name, and 2015 Excellence Award Winner in the title. Example: Jane Smith 2015 Excellence Award Winner. After uploading to YouTube, submit the video URL information through the link provided in the recipient congratulatory email.

Hints and Suggestions

Video Prompt

Each recipient should briefly talk about (one minute or less) their teaching experiences and what this award means to them, and/or sighting at least ONE of the following:

  • Tell us about a favorite moment where you felt your work made a difference?


  • What specific things have you done to really captivate your students—to pull them in and engage their interest?


  • Why is your work important to you?


  • Remember to tell us your name, title/department, and let us know which college you are from.

Helpful Hints

Before you begin, think of how your message will help fellow staff, faculty, and administrators.

  • This video does not need to be professionally recorded. With the advances in smartphones, using an iPhone or Droid to video tape will be sufficient.
  • It is important that you create a video with clear audio. The taping location should be as quiet as possible. (Watch out for loud air conditioning systems and nearby distracting noise.)
  • Choose an interesting setting with good lighting. Actual classroom settings seem to work well. Outdoor settings can be interesting if you avoid areas with excessive background noise such as people talking, highway traffic, generators or A/C units, etc. You will want to avoid using a white, blank, or brick wall backing.
  • Compose the shot head-to-chest, unless the setting requires a wider shot.
  • Be creative. Humor is always a welcome addition. The more unique and heartfelt the video and its presentation, the more likely it will be shown during the general sessions.
  • We are looking for short, motivating sound bytes. If you include a story in the interview, try to keep it concise using only essential story points.

We hope you will take the time to create and submit a personal video that will recognize, celebrate, and represent your excellence in teaching and leading!

Note: John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards recipients are not required to participate in the on-site video or submit a YouTube video to the League. Video is optional.

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