Excellence Awards Recipient Detail Information

Shad Ewart
Assistant Professor/School of Business, Computing & Technical,
Anne Arundel Community College
Recipient YouTube Video: Shad Ewart
Statement:  I am motivated in my work for a very simple reason: I can have a direct impact on my student's lives. I have watched them embark on new careers, be the first in their family to finish a college degree or simply understand something that they thought was unknowable. In terms of successful strategies, I try to "keep it real" in the classroom and be myself. I use humor and storytelling, but in terms of "words of wisdom" I would pass on to others- don't try to be or act like anyone else. Let your personality shine through, truly care about what you do and for me I understand how incredibly lucky I am to be able to do something I love, do it well and it get paid for it. Not a bad deal.

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