Excellence Awards Recipient Detail Information

David P. Morales
Program Services Coordinator,
Mountain View College
Statement:  For me the best ideas and the most inspiring moments occur while I am watching my students discover something for themselves. The process allows me to see where I can help improve my process and if one student is having trouble in that area then there are 10 more that will have the same issue. My personal inspiration is my mother and father who have worked in Higher education since before I was born and the student focused hands on attention they have given to every student they meet keeps me seeking to aspire to their standard. As educators we sometimes forget that students come to us on different levels so we must listen adjust and be open to starting fresh with each student that walks in. If you ever start to feel overwhelmed take a step back and lean on those who have been there before. Our goal as educators is help each individual grow to their full potential, and to do that we need everyone working to accomplish that goal.

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