Excellence Awards Recipient Detail Information

Terri L. Strader
Manager, Records, Student Affairs
Pellissippi State Community College
Statement:  I began my college education after 26 years of employment. I had no idea what a syllabus or a thesis statement was, needless to say, I was extremely intimidated and my self-esteem was diminished. My life quickly overflowed with people from all walks of life who were there to support and help me realize my full potential by stressing one important truth, although I was just beginning college I possessed a wealth of wisdom and knowledge gleaned from life experiences. Coupled with new knowledge gained from college coursework, what empowerment that was for me! Needless to say, I am so blessed to have these people in my life to help me attain my personal and educational goals and therefore I can do no less for others beginning their educational journey through support, encouragement, guidance, and celebration.

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