Excellence Awards Recipient Detail Information

Michael Patrick
Professor, Natural Sciences
Santa Fe College
Statement:  As I look back on my 30 yr. career, the accomplishments that mean the most to me have been when students in my Geology or Earth Space classes get excited and stay after class and talk. Students sometimes come by and tell me what a difference I have made in there lives. One student went on vacation and brought me a 75 lb. metamorphic rock that he carried for half a mile back to the parking lot. At our college, over the last decade, I have had the good fortune to be able to create four geological permanent exhibits. An outdoor “Rock Cycle” walk which attracts thousands of people every year, an indoor museum of over 1500 mineral and fossil specimens including meteorites, a 14X24 ft. mural depicting evolution and a 28 ft. tall Geologic column painted to scale. I will retire in four weeks and will certainly miss the hurricane of energy and emotions surrounding our students.

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