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One of the many uses for iStream: I could see using this for a type of brain dump technology share, or where people of like minds might start blogging and sharing different information they find on iStream, finally I could see using it for online collaboration (a group of people look at the monthly theme or area of interest and then collaborate online about their findings, thoughts, questions).
– Tony Moore – CIO, Baton Rouge CC

Innovation at Your Fingertips!

Explore iStream…the League’s web-based, multimedia portal where faculty, staff, administration, and students find quick solutions for research and reference needs using the latest web 2.0 technology. An iStream subscription provides everyone at your campus access to videos, articles, publications, and learning programs, along with the best of the League’s conferences, services, partnerships, and collaborative communities.

  • What is iStream?
  • Who uses iStream?
  • What will I find in iStream?
  • How do I/we become an iStream subscriber?
  • How do I gain access to information located in iStream?
  • How do I use iStream?
  • Why iStream?
  • What do iStream subscribers have to say about iStream?
  • How are others utilizing iStream?
  • Contact Information
  • Added Bonus for iStream Subscribers!

Advance your institution’s commitment to professional development and student success while meeting today’s budget challenges. Share iStream with everyone on your campus and watch your ROI increase. With these types of resources and depth of information, can your institution afford NOT to subscribe to iStream?

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