Module 6: Assessing Teaching and Learning

Assessing Student Learning:

Assessment Flowchart


The following chart includes examples from three courses, including one drawn from the Aerial Photo Interpretation class highlighted in the Module 2: Planning for Outcomes, Activity. After reviewing the examples in the chart, print out a blank assessment flowchart (an Adobe PDF document, 76k) and use it in your own course or one you might teach.

  Student goals & outcomes; e.g., what students should know or be able to do upon course completion Lesson/module activity evaluation Cumulative, mastery; e.g., midterm/final exam, portfolio, timed performance, evaluation rubric, etc.
  (From a natural resource technology course)
"When you have successfully completed this course, you should be able to obtain 3-D views from aerial photographs and relate the feature on the photos to topographical maps."
  • Discuss geometry of aerial photos
  • Prepare and view stereo pairs
  • Work on scale practice problems
  • Field lab
  • Navigate using aerial photographs
  • Determine scale and area
  (From a Web/ multimedia course)
"Upon completion of the course, students will be able to design and produce original hypertext pages containing text, graphics, and clickable links."
  • Weekly digital image portfolio
  • Quiz: HTML commands
  • Presentation/ critique: Web page design
  • Tracking of hours logged into online course tutorials
  • Digital copies of set of three related Web pages uploaded to student portfolio area
  • Peer evaluation rubric containing five evaluation criteria
  (From an agriculture course)
"After this course, students will be able to collect and analyze data from wind instruments, following industry-standard field testing procedures"
  • Daily reports in field notebooks
  • Lab experiments
  • Quiz: Wind energy terminology
  • Participation in class visit to local industry
  • Final field report
  • Three to five questions on midterm exam relating to wind power equipment