Module 6: Assessing Teaching and Learning

Introduction and Intended Outcome:

Module Overview


Watch the following video showing how one teacher conducts formative assessment as part of her Quality Manufacturing and Statistics class.

Video: Assessing Teaching and Learning (6:30)

Think About

What do you think this teacher learned about her students' thinking through the use of this assessment? How does this assessment serve as a learning opportunity for the students?

Now take a moment to reflect on your practice.


This video showed the third class meeting in a course. Do you normally conduct evaluations so early in the course? How are your evaluation methods similar or different from this instructor's? What methods do you use to gather data along the way to ensure that all students are "getting it"?

Think of a project that you were involved with, either as a student, a teacher, or an employee, that didn't go well. How might assessing work in progress have avoided a disappointing result? Design an assessment technique that could have helped you or others avoid the situation you described above.