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2002 Terry O'Banion Student Technology Awards

The League for Innovation in the Community College and Platinum Partner Microsoft Corporation are pleased to announce the selection of Brian Carmenatty, Miami-Dade Community College District (FL), and Beau Crawford, Seattle Community College District (WA), as the 2002 Terry O'Banion Student Technology Champions. Microsoft sponsors the awards in honor of Terry O'Banion, Senior League Fellow and President Emeriti of the League.

The students selected for this year's awards demonstrated a special talent and interest in a career in technology and a need for financial assistance in meeting their career goals. "Brian's outstanding leadership in organizing the new Computer Club and volunteering for campus and community activities make him an outstanding candidate for this annual award," said Microsoft's Diana Carew, Manager, Workforce Development and Community College Relations. "Beau's outstanding commitment to tutoring and generous spirit in helping others learn, combined with overcoming adversity, his personal achievement, and passion for technology are inspirational. Both students have skills that are desperately needed in the workforce today, and it is our hope that the $5,000 honorarium will help both of them continue their studies."

The two winning students are designated as Student Technology Champion (Carmenatty) and Student Developer Champion (Crawford). The winning students each receive $5,000 plus a variety of software products from Microsoft. The winning letters of nomination were read during the League's recent Innovations 2002 conference in Boston, and Microsoft will produce a video of this year's winners to show at the 2002 Conference on Information Technology, November 17-20 in Long Beach, California. Announcements of the winning scholars will be made on Microsoft's website (www.microsoft.com/education/commcoll/) and on the League's website (www.league.org).

About The League for Innovation in the Community College

The League for Innovation in the Community College is an international organization dedicated to catalyzing the community college movement. Nineteen CEOs from some of the most influential, resourceful, and dynamic community colleges and districts in the world comprise the League's board of directors, and more than 750 institutions from 10 different countries are members. In addition, the League partners with more than 100 leading corporations, and works with a host of other nonprofit foundations and government agencies. With this innovative core of directors, members, partners, and collaborators, the League hosts conferences and institutes, develops Web resources, conducts research, produces publications, provides services, and leads projects and initiatives in a continuing effort to make a positive difference for students and communities. For more information on the League's award-winning programs, publications, and services, visit www.league.org.


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