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2015 Innovation of the Year Awards

Established over 30 years ago, the League’s Innovation of the Year competition was devised as a way to recognize significant innovations at Alliance member colleges. These innovations reflect capstone achievements and the continuing renewal of the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded. The award is designed to recognize faculty, staff, and administrators at member colleges who have created and implemented innovative programs, practices, partnerships, policies, and activities that improve the institution’s ability to serve students and the community. Granting this award provides a venue for showcasing these innovations and the dedicated community college educators who strive for excellence on a daily basis. Click here for more information about the Innovation of the Year Awards, and how your college can participate.

This year, the League is pleased to announce that 44 awards were granted for outstanding innovations that serve community colleges and students. Click on the links below to learn more about each winning innovation.

Tip: to search for a specific term, hold down the CTRL key and press F.

Bellevue College
OLS: An Innovative Associate Degree for Adults with Cognitive Disabilities

Marci Muhlestein,Cheryl Porter,Ricky Namavong,Donna Hudson,Nathan Schloetel

Bristol Community College
Building a Zero Net Energy Building for STEM

Steve Kenyon,John Sbrega

Cañada College
Embedded Peer Instruction Cohort (EPIC) Program: creating and enhancing learning environments for all students

Courtney Hadsell,Amelito Enriquez,Chris Woo,Anna Camacho

Carl Sandburg College
Anatomy Comes Alive!

Dave Burns,Marjorie Smolensky

Central Community College
Sustainability Leadership Presentation Series (SLPS)

, , ,

Central Piedmont Community College
Professional Development Instructional Design Internship Program

Shantell Strickland-Davis

Century College
Muskie Tank Challenge

Lynn Smaagaard,Kavi Turnbull,Scott Simenson,David Mekala,Randy LaFoy,Todd Oseby,Lori Thrun,Katie Ruberto,Jim MIshek

College of Southern Maryland
Community Institutes

Vivian Mills,Harriet Yafee,Kim Yellman,Megan Timmens,Makeba Clay

Community College of Allegheny County
The CCAC Roadmap Project

Mary Kate Quinlan,Lucille Adkins,Mary Lou Kennedy,Allysen Todd,Don Breitbarth,Larry Doperak,Bob Kmetz,Alycia Bencloski-Brashear,Toni Carney,Joe Dvorak,Kate Ritchey,Annie Helbling,Devin Patterson,Elizabeth Throesch,Andy Vey,Kelli Maxwell,Patsy Williamson,Tara Zirkel,Norm Downey,Sue Kelley,Sumana Misra-Zets,Jason Price,Lucy Wang

Community College of Philadelphia
Expungement Service Learning Project

Kathleen Smith,Nina Miles Lane,Elizabeth Canapary

Cuyahoga Community College
Breaking the Tutoring Mold: The CCW Learning Cafe, WHCS Tutoring "Under the Stairs", and Small Group Tutoring

Danielle Budzick,Anne Distler,Leslie Gusching,Rachel Harmon,Iryna Mahlay,Michael Piero,Gary Chizmar,Karen Eversman,Rebecca Ferrigni,Betty Ivory,Norma Kronenberg,Anissa Lewis,Jane Blackie,Rebecca Ferlotti,Pat Gmeiner,Theresa Grimm,Allison Jack,Fang-Chun Li,Rebecca Martin,Nancy Doherty,Liz Emmer,Rick Emmer,Nathaniel Gucik,Angela Mastronardi-Kuk,Shannon O'Donnell,Michele Terlep,Danielle Walker,Gene Welch

De Anza College
Art, Equity and Inclusion: Euphrat Museum of Art

Diana Argabrite,Julie Lewis,Veronica Neal,Eugene Rodriguez,Juliana Kang-Robinson,Chesa Caparas,Marco Marquez,Alicia Cortez,Lydia Hearn

Delta College
Advanced Certificate in Digital Film Production

Jeffrey Vande Zande,James Gleason

Florida State College at Jacksonville
FSCJ Author Series: A Community of Learning and Serving

Rawlslyn Francis,Heidi Marshall

Gateway Community and Technical College - KCTCS
Gateway to College

Heather Anderson,Shelby Krentz,Bethany Foxx

George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology
Blended Courses for Practical Language Learning at George Brown College

Maria Glass,Liz Romero

Green River Community College
Veterans Education and Transition Fund (VET Fund)

Timm Lovitt,George Frasier,Krystal Austin,Josh Gerstman,Lynn Norman,Nancy Colson

Houston Community College System
University of Texas-Tyler/Houston Community College: Engineering the Future

Zachary Hodges,Butch Herod,Mark Tiller,Bart Sheinberg

Indian River State College
Robotics and Photonics Institute

Jose Farinos,Chrysanthos Panayiotou,Natalia Chekhovskaya,Paul Godfrey,Lauren Hays,Moamer Hasanovic,William Keiser

Institute of Technical Education
Percutaneous Access to Kidney Assist Device (PAKAD) for Kidney Stone Surgery

Soo Leong Foo,Poh Hua Ting,Teck Kheng Lee,Yew Meng Sum

Isothermal Community College
Reading Through The Lens Of "Empire"

Karen Taylor,Debbie Puett,Kelly Dedmon

Johnson County Community College
Fighting Hunger on a College Campus

Anna Page

Kirkwood Community College
Iowa Sustainable Village

Joe Greathouse,Tim Hadsall,Jim Off,Jorge Lopez

Lane Community College

Michael Levick,David Reagan,Kyle Schmidt,Kevin Steeves

Lone Star College System
The 21st Century Classroom for the 21st Century Learner

Jackie Thomas,Latoya Lewis,Caroline Jamroz

Monroe Community College - SUNY
Veterans Early Alert System

Taine Vinci,Michael Bates

Montgomery County Community College
Student Success Textbook Lending Library

Holly Parker

Northeast Lakeview College
Adopt - a - School at Northeast Lakeview College

Phillip Hicks,Debbie Hamilton,Belinda Rivera

Ocean County College
Make a Difference for Students. Advancing Online Student Remediation

Jeffrey Harmon,Julia Itani

Phoenix College
MyPC Mobile Application for Students

Mark Koan,John Helterbran,Scott Morken,Christina Haines,Heather Kruse,Jason Pociask

Saddleback College
Saddleback College Premiere Student Success Strategy: Infusion of AVID for Higher Education Pedagogy Across the College

Mariana DeSaracho,Michelle Duffy,Michael Engels,Emily Quinlan,Bruce Gilman

San Jacinto College District
San Jacinto College Community Day

Laurel Williamson,Susan Temple,Martha Robertson,Ann Pearson,Donna Cubstead,Jeanie Wright

Seattle Colleges

Rebecca Hartzler,Wendy Rockhill,Peter Lortz,Chad Hickox,Joseph Shannon,Dan Poux,Ann Murkowski,Mike Steffancin,Jake Ashcraft,Rick Downs,Ryan Dorman,John Wiseley,Josh Whorley,Abby Muro,Aimee Goodwin,Carolyn Bevan,Susan Tsoglin,Linda McDuffie,Brian Rucci

Sinclair Community College
Mathematical Pathway to Success for Arts Majors

James Willis,Kinga Oliver

South Arkansas Community College
Do You Hear Me??? Intentional and Effective Digital Communication Practices in the Community College

Tara Anglin

SOWELA Technical Community College
Process Technology Fast Track Program

David Lafargue

St. Clair County Community College
The SC4 CARE Team

Pete Lacey,Sherry Artman,Suzanne Schiappacasse,Scott Watson

St. Cloud Technical and Community College
The Orion Academy

Joyce Helens,Jeremy Reisinger,Tarryl Clark,Mark Gucinski

St. Louis Community College
Brown Bag Cafe

Pam Garvey,Sanela Mesic,Doris Durgins-Johnson,Debora Bronson,Debbie Corson,Jeff Schneider

The Community College of Baltimore County
The Associate to Bachelor’s (ATB) Nursing Degree Option

Karen Wons,Shawn McNamara,Mary Kay Demarco,Carol Eustis,Elizabeth Webster

Valencia College
The Global Citizen Program, a Jeffersonian Honors Track

Kera Coyer,Suzette Dohany,Susan Dunn,Linda Firmani,Jean Marie Fuhrman,Cate McGowan,Valerie Woldman

Wake Technical Community College
Promotion through Faculty Rank

Tonya Forbes,David Cooper,DeeDee Allen,Matthew Zullo,Russell Wahrman,Cathy Collie,Jeanne Phelps,Jim Neilson

Wallace State Community College
Salerno Learning Community Model

Michael Salerno,Lauren Cantrell Salerno

West Hills Community College District
West Hills College Registration 365 (REG365)

Stuart Van Horn,Frank Gornick,Don Warkentin,Carole Goldsmith


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