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News & Events:
  • Application Deadline: To be announced


Past Participants:

-faculty have tremendous knowledge and experience to relate

-what a wealth of knowledge and experience

-I would give so much to have him as a mentor

-practical advice
-excellent to hear about real-life situations

-presenter's style was engaging and relaxed

-simply outstanding...what a powerhouse team

-so much good information...I took 12 pages of notes in the first hour

-ELI provided much of what I needed to know to do my job effectively

-the ELI faculty provided an enthusiastic, but candid view of their position

-ELI clarified and refined my decision to pursue a college presidency

-ELI has helped my evaluate myself and set goals that have led me to my current position as president

-Participating in ELI accelerated my acculturation and ascent to the presidency.

-There is no better professional experience for an aspiring president.








ELI (Executive Leadership Institute


The Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) provides the opportunity for potential community college presidents, or those in transition, to review their abilities and interests, to refine their skills, and to participate in discussions on leadership with outstanding community college leaders from North America.

Since 1988, almost 600 participants have graduated from ELI, of which 42 percent have since become presidents. In some graduating classes, as many as 70 percent have become presidents.

ELI was founded with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and is currently sponsored by the League for Innovation in the Community College in cooperation with The University of Texas at Austin and the American Association of Community Colleges.


Applicants for the ELI must have served in senior positions of leadership in community colleges and to be qualified for the presidency by their educational and experiential backgrounds.

The typical applicant will hold an advanced degree and will have three or more years experience as a senior-level administrator in a community college, normally reporting to the CEO at the campus, college or district level. 

Participants are selected from qualified applicants by a committee of experienced presidents. Attendance at the institute is limited. The deadline for application: To be announced.

ELI is designed primarily for those who have not yet served in a presidency. However, new community college CEOs and those contemplating a transition will find ELI extremely valuable as well. Participants do not need to be employed at League Alliance Member institutions, and international applications are welcome. Applications are encouraged from women and minorities.


The program is designed as an intensive, week long experience, with format varying by topic and purpose. Participants should expect to immerse themselves in the seminar from Sunday morning until Friday noon.

In order to provide the greatest benefit, participants are discouraged from attempting to fulfill their job responsibilities during the institute week. Also, spouses are not encouraged to attend during the week of the institute because of the intensive schedule.


  • Discussions with distinguished community college leaders exploring a range of issues vital to community college presidential success.

  • Experienced CEOs will present personal perspectives on the rewards and costs of being a president.

  • Participants will experience videotaped interview in a presidential interview simulation under the guidance of national presidential search consultants.

  • Participants will work in teams to prepare materials and conduct interviews in a presidential interview simulation under the guidance of national presidential search consultants and senior community college CEOs.

  • Presidential search consultants will critique resumes and applications of the institute participants.

  • Former institute participants who have become presidents will share their perspectives on becoming a president.

  • Participants will enter a vital network of ELI graduates that share resources and insights and support each other's ongoing career development.

  For more information, contact
Stella Perez (480)705-8200 x243